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The Region I Spotlight highlights unions within the region that have something or someone unique to share.

Diana Ballesteros, California State University–Channel Islands

Diana Ballesteros is the facility specialist for the Student Union and Associated Students, Inc. She began her career in 2009 as an assistant at the Student Union Information Desk. From there, she advanced to the professional role of administrative support coordinator before landing a job as Facility specialist.

Ballesteros inspires students to persevere and stay diligent. Being able to multitask is by no means a simple job, yet Ballesteros seems to handle these things with ease. She has always made a point to show support of each of her employees, encouraging them to be bold and open to learning and growing.

Ballesteros motivates students to view daily struggles as challenges that will ultimately prove beneficial. Her dedication to serving the Student Union knows no bounds, as she is known to devote time outside her hours in order to assist students.

So attuned she is to students needs that many have even turned to her for emotional support. Students can feel confident coming to Ballesteros for help. According to Alyssa Alvarado, student assistant supervisor, Ballesteros is "the heart of the organization and is a leader of exceptional value." Ballesteros is a committed leader to the Student Union and it undoubtedly shows in her effort and service.

Jackie Diebold, Chapman University

Chapman University's Argyros Forum Student Union would like to highlight Jackie Diebold and her remarkably hard work on the Student Union's newest service—Collaboration Cubes. Diebold is a senior guest relations coordinator for our team. In this role, she jointly supervises a staff of 40 peers and co-manages our facilities daily operations.

Diebold's role is focused primarily on organizing the daily events schedule and managing live entertainment setups. She stepped up beyond this typical role in 2016 and agreed to lead the launch of the Collaboration Cube service. This service offers three spaces within the Student Union where small groups can work on academic projects or to socialize with friends. The cubes have Apple TV, a built-in PC, and cable TV programming. You can see Diebold in action promoting Collaboration Cubes on YouTube.

Diebold collaborated with graphic designers and others to coordinate a marketing plan, trained her staff, and organized the assessment plan. Throughout the semester, Diebold has continued to remain focused on growth and improvement. Thanks to her hard work, Collaboration Cubes have been successful thus far with consistent growth in usage every month since the launch. Diebold has shown great commitment to the Student Union. She believes in building community and is an exceptional student leader.